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    Official FfC Minecraft PC server

    Quote Originally Posted by Lint-87 View Post
    Do you play with other FfC? I would really like to find a reliable Mincraft group on ps4 to play with.
    You shot yourself in the foot there. Anyone who played on ps4 moves to PC.
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    Yeah I'm aware of that but as I said earlier, I am unable to play on PC because I can't access the right email address. If I could join a server through direct connect, I could play but to join a Realm it doesn't let me play with out confirming the account.

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    na i play with a bunch of other guys lint. i dont think very many ffc play minecraft on the ps4.

    sorry i didnt see your message before but youre always welcome to join us. we usually play pretty late though

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    Ibitestuff inv if this is still active

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