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    by Published on 04-18-2012 08:21 AM

    Firefight Company now has 3 official servers under our name! To find these servers simply search “FfC Official” and favorite all of them. Want to know more about our servers and what they have to offer as well as our server rules?

    See below for details:
    • FfC Official East Coast Server is our Rush ONLY mode of all vanilla Battlefield 3 maps as well as B2K maps.*
    • FfC Official West Coast Server is our Conquest ONLY mode of all vanilla Battlefield 3 maps as well as B2K maps.*
    • FfC Favorite 4 is personal favorite maps of Firefight Company both on Rush and Conquest. Here you can find close infantry based maps, tons of firefights, and intensely close games!*

    *Servers subject to change at any given time.

    All of our servers are ranked, public servers the majority of the time. However, we do have exceptions. Firefight Company will move the servers to private only for approved try-outs, clan events, clan battles/tournaments, and filming sessions. There will be a notice at least 30 minutes before switching the server so the public community is aware of this. We encourage you to hop over to another FfC server for more great games!
    To help make our servers a place of fun, fair, and competitive games we ask ALL FfC players to respect our server code of conduct, listed below. We encourage you to follow these as well.

    So here’s just a snapshot of how you can expect the FfC to behave:
    • Do not stack the server with more then 4-6 FfC based on the other teams talent level, hopefully your admin will be on top of this anyway
    • Do not spawn trap/camp, if you push people back to their spawn in CQ, get your squad and others to back off to the last flag, give them a chance to get outta their spawn.
    • Try to join our servers before other servers
    • If there is a random in your squad, be on even better behavior (We actually encourage people to get randoms in their squads)
    • Avoid leaving mid game, and do not rage quit our servers
    • Avoid Mic rage’n at epic levels, a few bombs here and there don’t hurt, but constant bitching isn’t acceptable.
    • Avoid useless tbags, it’s poor sportsmanship
    • Never respond to or send hate mail - report it.

    *Our Server admins have much stricter rules they must follow
    * FfC Members can earn VIP status on our servers, so if you get bumped out of one of our servers, we apologize, this is a perk for our members for doing positive things.

    Firefight Company administrators hold the right to balance servers and kick disrespectful users who are invading the rights of other players at a fair and fun game. Administrators will NOT kick for personal vendettas, wanting to play with clan mates, or the over-use of any weapons. Users are free to use whatever weapons they feel with any attachments in our servers. If you receive a warning by an FfC Admin please correct your behavior. Repeat disturbances and you will be kicked. Let administrators know if you and a few buddies would like to be on the same team, we will be happy to try and accommodate you so you can enjoy your stay on our servers.

    We also reserve the right to keep the teams balanced, which may result in you being moved to the opposing team. We also do not endorse “stacking” of a server by multiple FfC members playing on the same team. Balanced, fair and competitive team play is greatly valued.

    Please report any unwanted behavior to Firefight Company administrators by visiting www.firefightcompany.com and filling out a “File a Complaint” form. We want to keep our servers at a level playing field and be a host for competitive games and above average sportsmanship.

    If you have any complaints towards a specific Firefight Company member or administrators, please also fill out the a “File a Complaint” on our website.
    Please enjoy your stay on our servers! Visit our website for more information about Firefight Company or to see some upcoming tournaments your clan can participate in. We are also looking for qualified recruits who must meet our minimum requirements in order to receive an approved try-out. You can find all this information at www.firefightcompany.com. Also check out Firefight Company’s Media Division by subscribing to our YouTube channel at www.youtube.com/user/FfCHDTV. Follow us on Twitter at FfC_Clan.

    Thanks for everyone’s support thus far and hope to continue to see growth in our community!

    -FfC Administrator Staff
    by Published on 02-22-2012 01:13 PM

    Taken from BF3Blog and various sources:
    • All assault rifles get min damage raise from 17 to 18.4
    • All sniper rifles get “one hit” kill in distances under 15 meter
    • All bolt action sniper rifles will get min damage raise from 55 to 59, and max damage raise from 75 to 80.
    • Shotgun buckshot max damage from 20 to 12.5
    • Pump action shotgun frag rounds max damage from 60 to 67
    • Auto shotgun frag rounds min damage from 10 to 5 (not 100% certain)
    • SMGs and PDWs: all have increased min. damage
    • .44 magnum now has new “1.25x upper chest damage multiplier”
    • G18, M9, M93R pistols get recoil reductions
    • All LMGs get min damage increase (varies from weapon to weapon)

    Fore grip
    Basically before it reduced the horizontal recoil by 50%, in these files it reduces h-recoil only ~20-33% depending on weapon.
    It also increases the minimum spread 20% ~ 50% depending on stance and weapon.

    Suppressors will not reduce the damage anymore.
    Now it will reduce the distance where damage starts/stops to drop off instead.
    For most weapons it will decrease the min spread by 25% instead of 50%
    Although looks like M60 will still have the same 50% effect.

    Heavy barrel
    For most of the weapons it decreases ADS min spread by 75 or 50% depending on weapon.
    Recoil is still increased by 10 or 15% and HIP min spread by 20-25% depending on weapon.

    It doesn't make AN94 100% accurate anymore while aiming down the sight.
    Reduces ADS min spread by 75% and only increases recoil by 10%, the hip fire penalty is 20% for AN94
    G3A1 is same than AN94 except heavy barrel increases recoil 6.7% and hip fire is increased only 14.3%

    For few weapons it also makes Spread increase per shot 10% higher.

    It will also increase drop-off end distance by 50% making weapons more deadly at ranges between 50m and 90m, depending on weapon.

    Flash suppressor
    Will decrease recoil by 17 ~ 25% depending on weapon.
    For most weapons it increases hip min spread by 20~25% but some weapons don't have any hip accuracy penalty.

    Extended magazine
    There seems to be extended magazine for AS VAL which didn't exist before.
    With ext mag it will have 30 bullets in a mag instead of 20

    Full List of updated changes: http://symthic.com/f/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=471
    Tweet from Alan Kertz backing up previous site's info: https://twitter.com/#!/Demize99/status/170892548670365696

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